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Certificate Attestation - Marriage

Attestation of Marriage Certificate: Marriage Certificate Attestation required for getting a Family Visa in Gulf Countries. Attestation in Marriage Certificates to be completed first from the home Country, where the Certificates issued, then the foreign Country. HRD attestation not required for marriage certificates. Marriage Attestation rule applicable for almost all the Countries in the world to get a family Visa from the Gulf Countries. Job category or designation and salary also are a main consideration to get a spouse visa in Gulf. Educational Certificate attestation required to get a suitable Trade Visa from Labour department of UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi etc...

Marriage Certificate Attestation Services available through Urogulf Attestation Services from India. We can do Marriage Certificate Attestation without Your Presence from India. We are the First & Only Registered Attestation Company in India. You can contact us for all of Your Marriage Certificate Attestation or Attestation related procedures from any where in the World. We have own offices in UAE, Kuwait and more than 35 branches in India. Attestation through Urogulf available for Marriage Certificates issued from all States & Union Territories of India. Marriage Certificates issued by other than Registrar of marriage like - Church, Masjid, Temple, Gurudwara, Mohalla, Aaryasamaj, NSS, SNDP, etc…also can be attested from Embassy or Consulates in India. We can do GAD / Home Ministry / Home Department Attestation and Notary Attestation also for all Marriage Certificates from the State Government’s Depts. As per the new rule; Indian Embassy or consulate Attestation from abroad is not a Mandatory to get the Family Visa from Arabian Gulf.